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Ollie’s Mod was founded on 5/9/2013 as a Garry’s Mod Sandbox Server. Since then we have grew into the community we have today. Our friendly staff and community will ensure that you have the best experience on our servers. Our Pointshop is packed with hats, trails and playermodels which are unique to our servers.

Our Servers:

Ollie's Mod | Pedobear
Players: 0/32
Map: ph_crashhouse
Ollie's Mod | DarkRP
Players: 0/32
Map: cs_office_prophunt

Steam Group

Ollie's Mod

Members: 272

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Our Staff Team

[OM] SuperOllieWorld

[OM] Conan

[OM] Undyne

[OM]Dark bomber117

[OM] Sans



[Superadmin] [OM]Conan: taste my hairy dick kitten xD